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Screaming Frog: How to use it to check on accessibility and usability

Door Oliver Brett van Screaming Frog

We’d all love our websites to be accessible to all, but where to start? This talk will run through the who, what, where, when, and why of checking a site for accessibility issues for both humans and Googlebot. No frogs will be harmed in the making of this talk. This presentation is in English.


how-to-check-accessibility-issues-with-screaming-frog-ncdt-2024.pdf (10,1 MB)
(This PDF does not meet the accessibility requirements.)

About Screaming Frog

Screaming Frog’s world-famous (well, famous if you’re into SEO…) software the ‘SEO Spider’ allows anyone to audit websites and locate technical problems with ease. Beyond the basics of finding all your broken links, pages without titles, etc. the Spider also provides powerful functionality to fully understand your site and where it’s going wrong.

Since 2011 the tool has been updated 20 times with major (and free) updates, so it’s understandable that even seasoned users of the tool might have missed a few of the latest features. Many recent updates have improved how the tool can be used to audit accessibility issues.

This talk will be a very simplified run down of how anyone can get to grips with crawling and checking their site, with a focus on relevant features that benefit common issues with accessibility. Questions at the end are very welcome, if we have time we can even crawl your site live and see what’s gone horribly wrong… But only if you don’t mind sharing with the class!

Oliver Brett

Portretfoto van Oliver Brett
Oliver is Head of Strategy at Screaming Frog, one of the UK’s leading SEO agencies and developer of the world famous ‘SEO Spider’. He spends his working days writing interesting content (mostly about vending machines), fixing technical problems for clients (or reminding them they have problems), and having existential crises about Google’s algorithm.