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Readability on the web - Damien Senger Damien Senger

Readability on the web is much more than language. Damien Senger took us on a journey through the many facets that make a text easy to read on the web.


readability-on-the-web-ncdt-2019.pdf (16 MB)

Readability beyond language

Damien's presentation is about how people really read online. Reading happens in saccades and fixations. We often do not read word for word, but often in 'forms'. And so lowercase letters turn out to be more readable than highercase letters. Put most important at the top, work with headlines, ensuring a good layout, think of white space: all subjects that Damien not only discusses, but also knows how to substantiate with scientific research. Want to know more? Watch the video Readability & Web: Let's build great inclusive projects.

About Damien

Damien is French, speaks English, but with a nice French accent. His work? 'I craft high-quality inclusive online and offline experiences with accessibility in mind', so we can read on his site Raccoon.Studio

Damien Senger op het NCDT 2019