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Web Components: flexibility and efficiency with reusable components – Erik Kroes Erik Kroes

Over the last several years, the increasing popularity of component-based architecture for web development massively changed the way developers built user interfaces. This model moved away from the more traditional MVC approach to UI development by chunking up interfaces into web components. Erik Kroes of ING shared his experiences.


web-components-ncdt-2019.pdf (1,3 MB)

About web components

Traditionally user interfaces are designed with Model–view–controller model. Another way to design is the Component-Based Architecture (CBA). In CBA you separate the parts of your interface into their own independent components, putting an emphasis on reusability and single-responsibility. You can read more at ING loves Web Components.

About Erik Kroes

Erik is an accessibility specialist and photographer, visual artist and creative coder.

Erik Kroes op het NCDT 2019